Our Pricing

$5.55 per MONTH

Yes It really is that cheap.

All financial transactions and membership renewals will attract a transaction fee of 1.88% incurred by the purchaser.

All transactions via Bpay or credit card will also attract those fees and charges and will be displayed on the purchasers transaction statement.

You association will be able to track all transactions on the provided statement of financial activity

How It Works


$5.55 per month is the cost to your association or club. There are no upfront charges for the membership base.

Transaction Costs

With each financial transaction there are fees. These are the bank\financial institution fees and Club Services transaction fees. Our Fee is 1.88% of the total transaction costs


The subscription fee of $5.55 is inclusive of GST. Transactions between associations and customers may attract a liability depending on the status pf your association or on the volume of revenue accrued over the financial year. 

Draw Downs

Associations may draw down their funds whenever there is in a positive balance. Transaction will be processed within 14 days. If the Association’s account holds less than $100.00 it may incur a 4% transaction penalty. Your accounting will be far easier if you only make one or two draw downs against each event.